Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

i received my Syrian visa in the mail today!!

i am so excited. it's all really less than a month i will be in Cairo!! all these places i dreamed about going as a kid, i am actually going to!!

i know it might be different than how i imagine it to be in my head, for better or worse. Turkey was more incredible than i imagined, when i visited last fall. So i am nothing but excited for Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

i have met some amazing people via couchsurfing too, and i am so excited to see them and explore together. i feel so good about everything, i feel less nervous about whats been happening in the news when i know i have someone to meet up with.

my life is awesome. i feel like when i set my mind to something, no matter how unlikely, i can achieve it. I cant believe this is all happening less than 6 months after my backpacking Europe adventure. its pretty amazing.

im sooooo stoked!