Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i found an old SD card, that had my photos from my trip to Mexico 2 years ago, on it.

that was the trip that kickstarted my wanderlust. it was so much fun traveling the interior of Mexico with my brother, staying at little hostels in the jungle and Chiapas, eating cup-o-noodles at bus stations after being up all night on overnight buses, drinking more beer than water because it was so cheap.

looking at these photos makes me happy and excited for my next adventure, and kind of wishing he could come with me. its nice to have a brother that you can travel with.

after the sleepless overnight bus from San Cristobal to Merida

graffiti in San Cristobal, in the highlands of Chiapas. it was really cold. Mexico isnt all beaches!

at the hostel in Tulum, where we made good use of the free breakfasts

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