Monday, January 28, 2013

Well well....I haven't written anything on here in almost a year. How the time flies! My last posts were written in Morocco, which seems like a very long time ago, and yet also simultaneously like yesterday. Weird. My nocturnally nomadic life is back in full swing, once again, after an 8 month return stay in my hometown of Calgary.

Now I am currently in Beirut visiting friends for a week, before I embark on a month long exploration of Ethiopia.  I haven't got a chance to do much here yet, as on my first night I somehow managed to (drunkenly) sprain my ankle, after enjoying with a bit too much vigor, all-you-can-drink rum and orange fanta's, at a underground Gay bar (a fun night otherwise). I just ate a giant plate of fresh Tabbouleh and hummus here at my hostel/cafe/Arabic school, and the familiar soothing smell of sheesha is my constant companion. Life is good -minus the hideous swollen foot.

It took a few days to settle into the whole living out of a backpack lifestyle, but now its starting to feel like home, the constant flights and washing my underwear in a sink, hanging it off windowpanes and bunkbed bars to dry. Its weird and wonderful to be back in the Middleeast, so close to my beloved Syria, yet unable to visit there. Still, Beirut has a lot going for it - great food, tons of bars, hilarious fun people...its just a bit expensive compared to Damascus!

Thankfully Ethiopia is rumoured to be one of the best places for budget backpackers, and Im hoping that recent inflation and a burgeoning economy (good things mindyou), havent effected the cost of living tooooo much. Sub-saharan Africa! Ancient Christian monasteries! Hyena feedings! Baboons! I can't wait.

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