Wednesday, February 6, 2013

curse of the itchy foot

I was thinking about all the random, stupid maladies that have afflicted me whilst traveling, and maybe i'm just feeling particularly sorry for myself, after days spent holed up in this hotel room...but sometimes I feel like I am cursed. Obviously I have incredibly good fortune in many ways, the fact I have been able to go on all these trips, I know I am incredibly lucky...but the amount of freak accidents I have suffered in my journeys seems somewhat unfair.

My first time ever traveling outside Canada or the United States, and I got into a major car accident (the car having to be written off) the DAY before my flight left for Cancun. Throughout the beautiful Jungles of Chiapas, and the highlands of the Central Yucutan...I had whiplash and bruises and a minor concussion.

While I was in Turkey, I developed an abscessed tooth and had to have a root canal done in the Southeastern port town of Mersin, where I was staying at the time. The dentist spoke not a word of english, and made me swish my mouth with some horrid tasting chemical to "kill the infection". (I had to have this tooth re-root canaled in Canada this past year, because, surprise surprise! - he didn't do a correct job and toxic chemicals don't, in fact, do the trick.)

And now, I am in freakin' Ethiopia with a severely sprained foot, that due to enough time spent on the internet in my "restful state", I am worried might actually be a fracture. I am going to seek out a hospital tomorrow, here in Addis Ababa...of all the things I didn't anticipate having to do on this adventure, this certainly takes the cake.

I know things could be worse, and I know its important to have perspective, and I know that all of my adventures have still been amazing despite the setbacks...but really....I'm getting sick of this!

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