Wednesday, June 8, 2011

go awayyyy

Sometimes the constant forced extroversion of travel can feel exhausting.

no one wants to appear ungrateful, so i accept every invitation for tea, coffee, beer, parties..but sometimes i just wish i could curl up in a corner of the old city, in a little hidden alley with no one around and just sit, alone by myself, for hours.

i dont understand how people dont need that alone time, time to recharge the batteries. i find being around people and talking constantly...draining. i appreciate the friendliness of people, i really do, and saying "no" doesnt seem to be an option here!

anyways, Aleppo is absolutely stunning and even when im with people, i try to zone out and imagine climbing the steps to the citadel, thousands of years ago, alone...or risk appearing rude, and choose to ignore your chatter about going out for drinks tonight, and instead breath deeply the smell of spices and sheesha, think about the ancient checkered roof of the medieval souk and how it has seen the tops of the heads of so many people, down through the ages...

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