Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh Canada

i find it slightly amusing that i have met more Canadians on this trip than any other.

in this hostel alone, (the "Abbasi Palace" hostel in Amman - my favourite so far, the lady owner brings us sweets and desserts and pepsi and coffee and calls us "her babies"), there is me and the aussie, one young american girl, one mysterious (beautiful) syrian man - who i am going to corner today and talk to if possible, an english lady and her baby mohammed (and her Jordanian husband i think - im aussuming she met him travelling here before, had, er...a bit too much fun, and came back...with the baby?), and....4 Canadian guys, 3 of whom are from Calgary. ??!! basically half this hostel is...Canadian?

i came to travel the middle east to ESCAPE conversations about hockey, and somehow all im hearing about is the Canucks.


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