Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today i take the 9 hour bus from Cairo to Dahab, on the coast of the Sinai peninsula.

Traveling is so strange, you meet people, at hostels or whatever, you get to know them incredibly well in a short span of time, better than some people who have known you for 5 years, sharing food and booze and every thought going through your frantic sleep-deprived head...and then you say "goodbye!" just like that, and most likely...never see them again.

Its sort of sad but sort of wonderful too. You never get the chance to know anything but positive aspects of people (minus the occasional idiot from New Zealand - seriously, this guy was a jackass), and the same goes for you. You remain just a little slice of a colourful memory in the heads of the people you meet, and then slowly fade away into the distance.

Bye Cairo.

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