Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunrise on the summit of Mt. Sinai

Today I say goodbye to Egypt, and take the ferry from Nuweiba, to Aqaba, Jordan.
First i need to take a bus to Nuweiba, then board this infamous ferry (infamous for not leaving on time, showing up randomly, and forcing people to use the oily, coal dusted, "Heart of Darkness"-esque "slow" 2nd class ferry) which crosses the gulf of Aqaba, arriving in Jordan. The whole process *should* take about 4 hours, but its better to view that estimate in Egyptian time (read: double it). Once in Aqaba i can taxi it out to the Wadi Rum desert camp where i am supposed to be staying with a bedouin family. I met Tyseer, leading of his camp, on couchsurfing.

Lets hope this all goes smoothly.

Climbing Mt Sinai last night, i kept meeting people who had been on the road for years, constant travelers. It sort of inspires and annoys at the same time to hear of peoples non-challant exploits in places like Uganda, or those who havent had a real home in 4 years. HOW do they do it? i guess its not impossible. You can pick up work here and there, for pretty easy. I guess if its what i want to do, it wouldnt be so hard, to sustain the gypsy life. I have spent less money than i thought while in Egypt, and if i hadnt been scammed so much...it would be even less.

No matter, my August plane ticket back home seems a million years away, so im just going to enjoy the next couple months, and if i feel like coming home then....i will.

Masalaama Egypt!


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  1. I'm glad to hear everything is going so well!..er...despite being scammed ;)

    And I really enjoyed your Heart of Darkness reference haha. Very visual writing, Miss Julia :D
    And a dangerous talent, I might add, for inspiring wanderlust into the far off dusty corners of the Earth.
    Take care of yourself!!