Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wadi to Wadi

the past 5 days have been the most chaotic, insane, ridiculous, awesome time i have ever had. dear god.

i cannot form proper sentences. showering today here in Wadi Musa was almost a spiritual experience. its amazing what not having the luxury of running water will do for your sense of gratitude.

i will write more later. i have....epic amounts to write about.

sleeping on a giant rock in the Wadi rum desert, foxes circling around us as we slept under blankets, rocks digging into my hips. being subtley and not so subtley hit on by the bedouin in a variety of entertaining ways. tiny cups of special tea. eating sheep and liver and various meats while in the home of the one wife of one of the bedouin men, watching persian pop videos. washing in a bucket and peeing off a cliff. driving up a sanddune and almost tipping the ancient rusted out 4 x 4 truck. meeting a just married bedouin man, driving off from the wedding and having him say with a smile "well, i still look for 2nd wife".

i need to sleep for a week.

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